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Luxury Coach With A Toilet

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All of our luxury 53 seater coaches come with toilets but we often get asked for smaller coaches and minibuses with toilets. The smallest coach we currently operate with a toilet is a VIP 22 seater coach, this coach also has tables and a coffee machine onboard.

We have looked many times at the possibility of purchasing a luxury minibus with a toilet and so far we cannot make it work. We spoke with the manufacture that builds our custom VIP minibuses and they have fitted toilets in the past. They went on to inform us that these minibuses are normally low capacity 6 to 8 seater private vehicles and not used commercially. These minibuses are normally exported out the UK to the middle east.

With a VIP minibus we need to really have a minimum of 10 seats plus luggage space on board. Currently its not viable to fit the toilet as too much luggage space or internal passenger space is lost by the toilet and water tanks.

If a toilet is a must requirement for your trip then we would suggest going for the VIP 22 seater. This coach will give you a lot more internal space and everybody can sit round the tables on board. This is still a small coach and it’s not unusual for clients to book the 22 seater when there is only 8 to 12 people onboard simply because it has the toilet.

Take a look at the VIP coaches we offer and contact us to discuss your quote requirements.