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Luxury Black Minibuses

  • 10 - 16 Full Leather Seats
  • New Mercedes Benz Minibuses
  • Optional Tables as requested
  • Minimal livery with Privacy Glass
  • 4G Wi-Fi & Power Sockets
  • Microphone PA System
  • Separate large capacity luggage space

We operate both 10 seater & 16 seater luxury black minibuses alongside our VIP range of minibuses. 

Every Luxury Minibus comes with a professional, experienced driver and is backed up by our operations team which GPS track each vehicle.


Luxury Black Mercedes Benz Minibuses

We operate both 10 seater & 16 seater black luxury minibuses alongside our VIP range of minibuses. The luxury minibuses are based on the Mercedes Benz chassis but we have them customised to our exact specification. Every luxury minibus has privacy glass, minimal livery and comes with air conditioning as standard.

The comfortable full leather seating on our luxury minibuses has a black and cream colour scheme. We have options of 13 & 16 seaters with all forward forcing seats without tables. Other luxury minibuses we operate have tables fitted at the rear of the minibus with up to 7 seats around the two tables.

The minibus has a 4G Wi-Fi router and power sockets to enable you to work while on the move. Each luxury minibus has a Bose soundbar to allow the passengers to control the music and a PA system for a guide. The luxury minibus is stocked with complimentary still water. Each minibus also has a large capacity luggage area which is separate from the passenger compartment.

We have a team of very experienced drivers, who undertake Luxury work every week. Our drivers are professional, experienced and fully qualified. Each driver is backed up by our operations team which GPS track each vehicle.

Luxury Corporate Travel Solutions.

For many years we have been providing transportation for corporate clients for a range of events. From meetings to site visits, to investors days out, we have quickly become the luxury transport of choice to ensure, comfort, professionalism and style.

Working on the move

Every luxury vehicle we operate comes with a 4G wifi router and standard plug / USB power outlets. This allows Businesses to continue seamlessly from pick up point to destination.

Our Drivers

Our drivers were selected based on their professionalism and attitude to work. Vast knowledge of major cities, as well as rural locations, are essential in order for us to provide the level of service expected of us.

Private Luxury Minibus Hire for Events

When planning a day or night out, it starts from the moment you leave home. So what better way than to start your say in style. With leather seating, interior lighting and Bose Bluetooth sound systems, start your trip the right way.

Cheltenham Festival and Royal Ascot

Two of our busiest events in the calendar are the Cheltenham Festival in March and Royal Ascot in June. We are often booked up well in advance with repeat clients coming back to us as we can provide an easy and relaxing way of getting you to your race day from the front door to the venue entrance and when it's all over get you directly back to your home with zero stress.

Luxury Minibus Hire for Weddings.

When celebrating your or a loved one’s big day, the last thing you need is transportation issues. Luckily, we have been providing luxury minibus hire for weddings of all shapes and sizes for years. So leave the leg work and logistics to us and you enjoy the day!

What is a luxury Minibus?

A luxury minibus is a new vehicle that has full leather seats, 4G Wi-Fi & Power Sockets and comes with a professional, experienced driver. A luxury minibus and driver is backed up by an operations team that GPS track each vehicle.

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